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We have joined a new group and it feels great!

You Only Get One Chance to Make a First Impression

Embrace what you enjoy doing and outsource more!

What can we learn from the Winter Olympics?

Scaling up your business

Is GDPR the new Y2K? Choosing your expert carefully

3 Tips for Conducting a Strategic Review of your Business


The Opportunity For Fraud Never Dies

Back to school

Navigating a Career In (or out of!) the Law – Part 3

Navigating a Career In (or out of!) the Law – Part 2

SRA says Relax

Why Conveyancing Is Most Vulnerable To Fraud Risks

Top 5 Marketing Tips

LegalEx 2017

We are looking for new clients and talented staff!

Wellbeing :  A Win for your Employees, and a Win for your Business

Pension Automatic Enrolment

Managing Parental Leave

The Year Ahead

Would you like a risk-free 2017?

The Cashroom reaches 100 clients!

Dark Days or A New Start?

Maximising Profits (ethically!)

Fraudsters infiltrate a law firm

Top Tips for Pension Automatic Enrolment - Avoid the Penalty!

‘Winning Behaviours’ – the Team Sky approach to getting the best out of your team

It’s never been easier to set up a law firm

Solicitors Benchmarking Event

Cyber Security in the Legal Profession

Scott & Co Scottish Legal Awards 2016

Ham and Cheese Networking

A Day in the Life of a Business Development Manager

The Unholy Trinity

5 Common Myths of Outsourcing

If you love someone, set them free…

The Change House

The Cost of Charisma

Celebrating Our Strengths

Utility Marketing – Become Useful to Prospective Clients

Just in Time Lawyers

Space...The Final Frontier

New Office for The Cashroom in 2015

The Intelligence Trap

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Becoming a Partner at a Law Firm

Algebra for Lawyers

Law Firms and Efficiency

A View from the Outside

Let the Good Times Roll !

Scottish Legal Awards

New service for our Scottish clients – Pre Law Society Inspection Check-Up

“The Worst day of my life”

Dark Clouds and Silver Linings

Innovative Legal Business Models

Scottish Legal Awards

Baker Tilly Report on Law Firms: The Importance of Being Financially Stable

Slater & Gordon's War Chest - what does it mean for you?

A Walk Down the High Street

What does the future of the legal profession look like?

Aberdeen – in a league of its own

The High Street Law Firm - Tips For Continuing Success

The Structure of your Firm - Accident or Design?

Can I help you with anything else today?

RBS Legal Conference

Get paid more quickly...think about McDonalds!!

Ultra Niche Firms

How to sell a Ford Focus, and still make a profit

Buying Cars from Lawyers

Q. When is a lawyer not a lawyer?

And to illustrate the Point

Not all Rosy in ABS Land?

How did this happen?

Private Equity and Law Firms


All the Boring Stuff!

Law Firm Administrations

Where do you hang the Brass Plate?

Who do you need to Employ?

That's the way to do it!

Scale - how big to you want to be, and how quickly?

External Investment

Why should your clients instruct you.

Who are my Prospective Clients?

What sort of law firm do you want to own?

Still think ABS wont affect you?

What issues will the new year bring?

How we do what we do.

Is the Light at the end of the Tunnel a Train?

Law Firms and The Hammer House of Horror

Creating a Law Firm from a Blank Sheet of Paper.

Why is the Legal Profession Like the Internet?

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