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LegalEx 2017

I think it’s fair to say that LegalEx exceeded our expectations in every respect. We had hoped to make a number of worthwhile referrer contacts, and to reacquaint ourselves with a number of our other business network contacts. In fact, while both those things happened we were delighted to receive direct enquiries from a number of law firms, and have since followed up and arranged meetings with a significant number of potential new clients.

The opportunity to speak at the event was very worthwhile, and while it wasn’t exactly a packed auditorium, there were plenty in the audience, several of whom then came and made more detailed contact afterwards.

We could probably attend events every week, but this one was one from which we really saw value.


Alex Holt

Director of Business Development


LegalEx was a marketing dream! Not only were we exposed to our target audience but I got to look around at other legal sector providers stands too. All of the stands were of fantastic quality, brand images were strong and all the teams were enthusiastic about what they did. A couple of brands that really stood out to me were Conscious Solutions, you couldn’t miss their bright orange colour everywhere, and The Link App is a great looking brand too, clean cut and professional it is instantly recognisable – I’m not sure anyone had as cute a mascot as our Lionel the pig though, and we gave over 100 away! One of the things I love about my job is we help law firms function better ; from reducing  staff costs, ensuring firms are compliant with accounting regulations and producing detailed and accurate management information that help partners make informed decisions. For us knowing about other services that provide a function for the legal industry is always a huge benefit as we can help our own clients further by pointing them in the direction of industry experts, whether that be they need a new practice management system, they have cybersecurity needsor are thinking of changing their bank. It was brilliant to catch up with all the other exhibitors and see some of the fantastic products out there for the legal industry.


At the end of a long day exhibiting it was brilliant to catch up with some of our existing strategic partners at the after show drinks. We had all spoken to people that day that we wanted to introduce others to the following day so it was the perfect chance to debrief and refuel for day 2! It has only been a week since the event but we have spoken to numerous partners since the event and also had serious leads come in – a worthwhile exhibition!


Emma O’Day

Marketing & Communications Manager


For me, LegalEx was an opportunity not only  to catch up with others in the legal industry, and to speak to potential clients, but also to find out what the latest 'hot topics' are, what new innovations are out there, and to find out what the biggest concerns are for those in practice at the moment. 


The event gave me a perfect opportunity to do those things, and I came away with some new knowledge and ideas. For example, I learned more about the client communications app from The Link App, about the benefits of hiring a Non Executive Director to help with law firm management from Symphony Legal Ltd, and the latest ideas and strategy for law firm marketing fromConscious Solutions. All in all, we had a great couple of days at the Conference, and I'm sure we'll be back again next year.

Gregor Angus

Senior Business Development Manager Scotland


Did you miss us at LegalEx? Email to find out what events we will be at next! 

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